Jenelle Evans Pregnant and Engaged?!

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans David Eason.

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans David Eason.

Is “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans pregnant, or engaged, or both? The MTV mama has sparked rumors that she and her boyfriend, David Eason, could be planning a wedding and/or a baby together.

While fan speculation has been running wild about Jenelle and David’s future, the “Teen Mom 2” star took to her social media pages to speak out on the rumors, claiming that she is, in fact, not pregnant…or engaged!

“For everyone asking.. No I’m not pregnant and no not engaged. Happy where I am in life and comfortable so I’ve been eating a lot more lol,” Jenelle wrote.

There you have it, it looks like there are no wedding bells or babies in Jenelle and David’s forseeable future.