‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7, Episode 3 — ‘Breaking Apart’ Live Blog

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teen mom 2 cast“Teen Mom 2” is back on Monday night with an all new episode. Season 7, Episode 3 is titled “Breaking Apart,” and we’ll be live blogging the entire show. As the episode progresses refresh the page for more updates on Jenelle, Kailyn, Leah, and Chelsea.

Jenelle Evans:

  • Jenelle has met a new man on Tinder. His name is David. David has 2 kids and one of them has already met Jace. Jenelle says that he’s never watched ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and that he hasn’t met her mom, Barbara, yet.
  • Jenelle and her new boyfriend David are getting a Christmas tree with their kids and reflect on how they want the future of their relationship to be like. Jenelle then tells the kids that she’s in love with David.
  • Jenelle is taking David to meet Barbara, who tells her that she wants to take Jace to see Jenelle’s brother for Christmas. Of course, Jenelle doesn’t want her son to be gone during the holidays. When Jenelle asks Jace where he wants to be on Christmas he says he wants to stay with Jenelle. The two then settle for a comprise, rather easily for them!
  • Uh oh, wait a minute. Maybe this compromise isn’t so nice. Jenelle and David are both now complaining about Babs wanting to have all of them go on a Christmas trip. David tells Jenelle that she needs to get custody back of Jace.

Leah Messer:

  • Leah is worried that Corey has gained custody of the girls as she drops them off with Corey. She has a feeling she’s lost custody and tells her brother, “Something’s not right.”
  • Corey is working on his unborn baby’s room and reveals how happy he is to have primary custody of Ali and Aleeah. Leah, not knowing she’s lost custody yet says she’s scared to death to lose her girls.
  • Leah goes to the lawyer and finds out she’s lost primary custody. The order reads that the judge wanted to make sure the girls got to school on time during the week. Leah’s lawyer urges her to work something out with Corey and not through the court.
  • Leah’s lawyer is trying to get 50/50 custody as Leah and her sister disagree about how Leah should handle her new situation.

Chelsea Houska:

  • Aubree is at Adam’s and Chelsea sees that he’s posted a photo of their daughter naked online.
  • Chelsea tells her friend that Cole was pissed about Adam’s Instagram post, and that she’s going to see a new lawyer in hopes of getting Adam to pay more child support, since he pays the lowest possible payment.
  • Chelsea’s lawyer agrees that the picture was inappropriate but says there is nothing she can do about it.
  • Aubree says she only saw Adam once while spending the weekend at his parents’ house and Aubree begins to throw a fit not long after arriving home.

Kailyn Lowry:

  • Javi got to have lunch with Isaac at school and noticed that he was wearing some sort of pajama shirt as well as had bed head because he didn’t get a bath. When Kail texts Jo to ask him about it he got upset and said that Javi needs to worry about his own child.
  • Kailyn and Javi show up 30 minutes early to pick up Isaac and all hell breaks loose. A huge fight ensues between Kail, Jo, and Javi and it looks like things are getting ugly!
  • Kailyn explains to Isaac about her fight with Jo in terms he can understand, and Jo tells Vee that he’s tired of being criticized for his parenting, saying he only moved close to give his son a better life, not make it harder on him.
  • Kail and Javi discuss their fight with Jo and how Javi is a better role model for Isaac than his own father is. Kail says that he doesn’t work, he doesn’t go to school, or take care of his house. “He has nothing going for him,” says Javi.

On The Next ‘Teen Mom 2’:

  • Leah’s girls say they miss them, Cole and Chelsea plan their wedding, Kailyn and Jo continue to battle, and Jace’s behavior is out of control when he returns home from Jenelle’s home.