Leah Calls Out Corey For Cheating On ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion!?

teen mom corey simms leah messer

teen mom corey simms leah messer

The “Teen Mom 2” reunion this week is going to be a very dramatic one. Leah Messer and Corey Simms will get into a heated argument about parenting and their past, including Corey’s wife, Miranda Patterson, who fans have noticed was very bitter towards Leah during Season 6 of the show.

During the show, Corey tells Leah that he’s not afraid of her anymore because Miranda helped give him a backbone to stand up to his ex-wife. Leah then asks Corey what he was doing during his first couple of months of marriage to Miranda, possibly hinting that Corey was cheating on his wife.

This comes after rumors that Leah and Corey actually hooked up in Simms’ truck while they were both married have surfaced, but when Corey tried to talk more on the subject Leah called out the word “Monkey,” which is her safeword and means she won’t discuss it.

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