Gary Shirley Welcomes Baby No. 2!

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“Teen Mom OG” star Gary Shirley welcomed his second daughter on April 30. Amber Portwood‘s ex-boyfriend announced the birth of his baby girl via Twitter with excitement.

‘Teen Mom OG’: Gary Shirley Welcomes Baby Girl

“On our way to the hospital. She might be coming! This could be it. So exciting!” Gary tweeted earlier that day, followed by “She’s here!” just a few hours later.

On the show, fans recently learned of Gary’s girlfriend Kristina’s pregnancy, and the show has documented it well. Hopefully, MTV cameras were there to catch the birth of Gary’s other little girl the way they were when his oldest daughter Leah was born.

Gary and Amber Moving On With Their Lives

Gary and Kristina named their little girl Emilee, and she’ll join Gary’s daughter Leah as well as Kristina’s daughter, who is not allowed to be filmed by “Teen Mom OG” cameras because Kristina’s ex-husband won’t allow it.

“Teen Mom OG” fans know that Gary’s ex Amber Portwood took the news of the pregnancy a bit hard. However, Portwood revealed that it was the thing that finally gave her closure, and made her realize that she and Gary would never be together again.

Amber is currently engaged to her boyfriend Matt Baier, whom fans recently met on the show, and will see pop the question in an upcoming episode.

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