Amber Portwood Slammed Online For Drinking Wine On Her Birthday

amber portwood teen mom

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood seemed to be having a happy birthday until people online started throwing shade at the MTV reality star. According to reports from MStarz, some fans were concerned and/or unhappy with Amber for revealing that she had been drinking wine during her birthday celebration with fiance Matt Baier.

As many Teen Mom fans know, Amber Portwood has been in rehab for addiction issues, mostly prescription medication, and even went to prison for over a year when she could not comply with her rehab orders from the court. So, when fans saw Amber, who is over the legal drinking age of 21, share a photo of a picnic she was having with Matt Baier, which included wine, they became a little concerned.

When one fan asked Amber if she was drinking she answered honestly via Twitter.

“Yes I was I don’t have a drinking problem never have I was an addict. People yes I drink wine on special occasions.. my problem was pills never alcohol. I’m 25. I can drink. I don’t have a problem with alcohol.”

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