Ryan Edwards Agree With Maci Bookout on Farrah Abraham’s Return: ‘She’s Nasty’

teen mom og ryan edwards

In a new clip from Monday’s “Teen Mom OG” Ryan Edwards reveals to his friend that Maci Bookout wants to quit the show all because of Farrah Abraham’s return.

‘Teen Mom OG’: Ryan Edwards Calls Farrah Abraham ‘Nasty’

As previously reported, Maci was furious when she learned that Farrah was asked to return to the MTV reality series, and told the camera crew to leave her home she was so upset. In the clip, Ryan mirrors Maci’s feelings saying that he understands where his ex is coming from and that Farrah is “nasty” and has “no morals.”

Maci Feared MTV Would Go Behind Her Back

In the video Ryan Edwards admits that Maci Bookout texted his mother that she needed to pick up her son Bentley because she was afraid MTV was going to go behind her back and film her son after she decided to stop filming due to Farrah Abraham’s return to the show.

Will Maci Quit The Show?

The “Teen Mom OG” star has stated in the past that she personally has no problem with Farrah, but that she doesn’t believe her son, Bentley, should be on a show with the sex tape star, who also has her own line of adult sex toys and has published erotic novels. Now that Maci’s pregnant again, fans are in danger of her leaving the series and missing out on the next chapter of her life.

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