Chelsea Houska Reacts to Adam Lind’s Vasectomy

Teen Mom 2 Chelsa Houska and Adam Lind.

“Teen Mom 2” dad Adam Lind has gone to extreme measures to ensure that he does not have anymore children. Adam, who has two daughters with ex-girlfriends Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur, recently got a vasectomy so he doesn’t have any more children, or baby mama drama.

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Adam Lind undergoes vasectomy

Adam, who recently faced off with Chelsea in court after requesting unsupervised visits with their daughter Aubree, a request which the judge shot down barring Adam’s criminal record.

So, when Houska heard that Lind had gotten a vasectomy she was surprised, yet relieved that she wouldn’t have to deal with anymore half-siblings to explain to Aubree.

Chelsea Houska’s reaction to Adam’s surgery

“Chelsea wanted to laugh when she heard about Adam’s vasectomy. She didn’t believe it at first, but once she realized he actually had done it, she thought it was probably one of the wisest decisions Adam has ever made!” a source told Hollywood Life.

“Chelsea feels a sense of relief knowing that Aubree, won’t ever have the opportunity to get to know another half-sibling,” the source added. “She gets that Aubree and Paislee will always have  a relationship because they’re sisters. Chelsea finds it to be such a headache dealing with Adam’s other baby mama Taylor, when she she has to. She’s happy she can’t be put in that predicament ever again.”

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