Adam Lind’s New Girlfriend Speaks Out: ‘He’s Changed!’

teen mom 2 adam lind

“Teen Mom 2” dad Adam Lind is widely criticized by fans for neglecting his fatherly duties, being an irresponsible father, and not to mention his long wrap sheet of arrests, accidents, and other crimes. However, Adam’s new girlfriend, Danielle Anderson, is speaking out in support of her man, and she says he’s changed!

“People don’t see what I see,” Anderson tells Radar Online. “I see him as a person who is ready to settle down.”

Danielle says she met Adam about a year ago when she was going through a split with her then husband. The two reportedly struck up a friendship which has since turned into a romance.

“I was going through a lot of marital problems, and I turned to Adam. Then he started opening up to me about what’s going on in his own life, which I could relate to. We just clicked.”

Since the two began a serious relationship a couple of months ago things have heated up. Danielle says that when her daughter and son finish school for the year she plans on bringing them to Sioux Falls to live with Adam Lind. “We are making sure we have a plan for everything,” she states. “He wants that family life. That’s what I think he sees in me.”

Meanwhile, Adam was recently denied more time, unsupervised visitation, and driving privileges with his daughter Aubree Houska by a judge when he took Chelsea Houska to court. The judge cited Adam’s track record as the reason for the denial, and told him he needs to stay out of trouble for an extended period of time before he would even consider giving him more time with his daughter.

Of course, Adam has another daughter, Paislee, with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur, whom he’s allegedly been neglecting as well.

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