Catelynn and Tyler in Jeopardy of Losing Contact with Daughter Carly?!

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Say it isn’t so! According to a new report by In Touch Weekly, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra may be in jeopardy of losing contact with their oldest daughter, Carly, whom they placed into adoption after her birth.

The report reveals that Carly’s adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa are threatening to cut off contact with the “Teen Mom OG” stars because of their refusal to follow the adoption rules they’ve put in place.

“They’re not happy with Catelynn and Tyler’s behavior… They’re getting more concerned about Carly being in the public eye as she gets older. The relationship is really strained,” a source told the magazine.

In previews for the new season of “Teen Mom OG” fans see Catelynn and Tyler struggling to follow the rule of not posting any photos of little Carly on social media, and confronting Brandon and Teresa in a meeting with their adoption agent, Dawn.

It’s understandable that Brandon and Teresa don’t want photos of their daughter online for the whole world to see, and because Catelynn and Tyler placed her into the legal care of another couple they need to follow those rules in order to keep Carly in their lives.

Hopefully, this all works out because it would be heartbreaking and devastating if Catelynn and Tyler lost contact with Carly after all these years.

Meanwhile, the couple recently gave birth to another baby girl, Novalee Reign, whom they’ve begun posting tons of adorable photographs of online, and she’s gorgeous!

What do you think about Brandon and Teresa’s rules?

**UPDATE: Catelynn revealed via Twitter this week that they are not having issues with Brandon and Teresa. “All the crap of ppl saying that Carlys parents are taking away communication from ty and I are all lies! Don’t always believe what u read!” Lowell wrote.

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