Jenelle Evans Takes Heat for Planning to Party on 23rd Birthday

teen mom 2 jenelle evans

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is taking heat this week after she announced that she planned to party it up on her 23rd birthday.

Jenelle, who will turn 23-years-old on December 19, says she’s going to “party on her birthday” and that anyone who doesn’t approve can “hate on it.”

Evans has been criticized largely in the past for her partying ways and has even admitted to having severe addiction to drugs such as marijuana and heroin.

The MTV star’s boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, whom she welcomed son, Kaiser, with back in June, has also been the subject of alcohol abuse talk.

However, Jenelle Evans has seemingly been doing a great job of staying out of trouble for over a year. The “Teen Mom” says she hasn’t been using drugs, hasn’t been arrested, and of course is taking care of Kaiser full time, and is working to regain custody of oldest son, Jace, whom she’s been spending more time with.

Evans has also been going to college, and sharing her progress with fans online via her social networking sites.

While it seems that Jenelle Evans will always have haters for the mistakes she’s made in the past, her fans are hoping that she’ll continue to grow and learn from her former problems and become a real success story.

What do you think about “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans taking heat for planning to party on her birthday? Are fans too hard on her?

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