Chelsea Houska: Adam Lind Can’t Be Alone With Aubree!

teen mom 2 adam lind aubree houska

Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska has had it with her baby daddy Adam Lind. The MTV star is concerned about Adam’s latest arrest for domestic stalking as his former girlfriend, Brooke Beaton claims Adam was very violent toward her.

‘Teen Mom 2′ star Chelsea Houska worried about daughter’s safety

Chelsea, who is doing amazingly well in her life right now with a great job, cute new boyfriend, and a newly purchased home, has one big problem, and that’s Adam Lind.

The “Teen Mom 2” star is reportedly fed up with Adam’s antics, and has decided that she doesn’t want Lind to be alone with their daughter, Aubree, anymore.

“Chelsea is very concerned by the new allegations,” a source tells Radar Online. “She no longer feels she can allow Aubree to be alone with Adam.”

Chelsea Houska is prepared to go to court, but isn’t taking it that far as of right now. Her current custody agreement with Adam Lind is that Aubree sees him every other weekend under his parents supervision, and Chels doesn’t want to keep Aubree from her grandparents.

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind headed for a custody battle?

“Adam’s parents are good people and Aubree loves them, so there’s no reason to takeher away from their home,” the source adds. “But Chelsea will make sure they know to be with her at all times. She’s so sad for Aubree that she has a dad like Adam.”

All of this comes after Adam’s ex-girlfriend Brooke Beaton claims the “Teen Mom 2” dad left bruises on her body, and even through her down a flight of stairs. Brooke says Adam has threatened her family and she’s concerned for everyone’s safety.

As previously reported by Hollywood News Daily, Adam Lind has been accused of using steroids, and could be experiencing a symptom commonly known as “roid rage,” in which the user has untamed anger that can sometimes turns violent and dangerous.

It’s likely that Adam’s latest arrest will be featured in the new season of “Teen Mom 2” when it returns to MTV sometime next year.

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