Adam Lind Slapped With Restraining Order After Arrest — Brooke Beaton Speaks Out!

teen mom 2 adam lind arrested.

“Teen Mom” star Adam Lind was arrested this week for allegedly stalking his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Beaton.

According to the reports, the “Teen Mom” dad, Adam Lind, was arrested on Sunday night after a break up with his ex-girlfriend turned ugly.

Reports suggest that Adam and Brooke had a nasty break up, and Lind even accused Beaton of slashing the tires on his truck, although he’s likely not supposed to be driving due to all his prior arrests and offenses.

This is not the first time that the “Teen Mom 2” dad has been arrested. Adam Lind is known for being on the bad side of the law in his hometown, and has been busted for multiple things over the years, mostly including driving offenses such as DUIs. This time around he was officially charged with domestic stalking.

According to Radar Online, Brooke Beaton later filed a restraining order on “Teen Mom” star Adam Lind after his arrest. “He has a very bad temper,” Brooke told the site.

“Adam grabbed me by the back of the arms and threw me to the side,” she says, adding that Lind knocked the person in front of her down a flight of stairs. “By the time I got down the stairs, he was gone. He took off running.”

Brooke Beaton also claims that she had “Teen Mom” star Adam Lind arrested because he’s been contacting her family, and threatening to kill them!

“Adam has been violent often in the past few months,” Beaton says. “Adam has threatened to kill my family and is also contacting my family on Facebook and also via phone/text. There were multiple times he threatened me. I am very scared for my safety and for my children’s [safety].”

It seems that Adam Lind has learned nothing from her former relationships and/or arrests. Since the “Teen Mom 2” dad is still on probation his latest bust could spell some serious trouble for the reality star.

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