Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Eagerly Await The Arrival of Their Baby Girl

catelynn lowell teen mom

“Teen Mom” stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are so anxious to see their baby girl.

Catelynn and Tyler have announced that they are expecting a baby girl in the very near future, and have been dropping hints about the name. (It could possibly start with a V.)

The couple have been gushing over one another on their social media accounts, and fans are loving every minute of the cute couple’s happiness.

Catelynn and Tyler have been getting ready for the baby girl by painting the nursery, stocking up on supplies and clothes, and taking lots of pictures of Catelynn’s baby bump.

In the most recent photo Tyler is cuddled up to Catelynn’s belly and it’s adorable. The two are best known for placing their oldest daughter Carly up for adoption, but maintaining a relationship with her and her adoptive parents, Brandon and Theresa.

Meanwhile, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are filming the reunion season of “Teen Mom,” and fans can’t wait to see what they’ve been up to since the show last aired.

Are you excited for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra?

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