Chelsea Houska Shows Off New Boyfriend

chelsea houska teen mom 2

“Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska is showing off her new boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, in a new Instagram video.

In the adorable snippet posted to Chelsea Houska’s Instagram account, the couple look to be very comfortable with one another, as they hang out during what seems to be a laid back, chill, date night in.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are relaxed and listening to music as the “Teen Mom 2” star video tapes from her cell phone. While Chelsea films, Cole sings along with the music in a funny voice, which makes Chelsea giggle, a sound that is welcomed to fans, as they know Ms. Houska’s been very unlucky in love.

Chelsea Houska’s love life has been documented since her teen years on MTV’s docu-dramas “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom 2.”

Chelsea Houska and her baby daddy Adam Lind have had a very rocky relationship breaking up and getting back together countless times, and often hooking up when they’re not involved in a relationship. However, Adam has made thinks hard for Chelsea.

Lind is frequently getting arrested, doesn’t see his daughter Aubree on a regular basis, and dates an array of women. Last year, Adam got another girl, Taylor Halbur, pregnant, and the two welcomed daughter Paislee, as “Teen Mom 2” fans watched Adam try to handle two daughters.

Now, Adam Lind is rumored to be expecting a third child when a woman named Wendy, which he likely doesn’t know about since he’s currently in jail for one of his many violations, which mostly consist of driving related charges.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska has been thriving. The “Teen Mom 2” star recently bought her first home, and moved in with a close friend, also named Chelsey. Houska graduated from college, got her professional license, and now works at a spa, which she calls her dream job.

If Chelsea Houska has found a great guy in Cole DeBoer, then it seems that her life is progressing happily while Adam Lind’s life is a total mess. Well, at least little Aubree Houska has one stable parent. Who knows? If things go well with Cole, perhaps Aubree will have a step-father sometime in the future.

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