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“Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy, Adam Lind, has been arrested again. It seems the MTV star cannot stay out of trouble as he was picked up in South Dakota yet again this week,The Hollywood Gossip reported on Sept. 17.

According to the report, Adam Lind was picked up for driving with a suspended license…again. Chelsea Houska’s ex has been arrested multiple times for driving violations including three DUI’s, driving with no insurance, driving on a suspended license, and causing a near fatal accident that almost killed him and an elderly couple.

This “Teen Mom 2” star needs to get his life in order, as he was only released from jail a couple of weeks ago, and has now landed back behind bars, and he’s expected to stay there until early October.

Will Adam Lind ever learn his lesson? Thankfully, Chelsea Houska reportedly has put her foot down about Adam’s visitation with their daughter, Aubree Houska, and is absolutely not allowed to drive with her. However, since Adam seems to break the law quite often, Chelsea may have cause for concern.

Meanwhile, there has been no reports on how Lind’s other baby mama, Taylor Halbur, has reacted to all of the “Teen Mom 2” star’s legal troubles, and if she’s put her foot down as well when it comes to their daughter, Paislee.

It looks like the next season of “Teen Mom 2” will not lack drama from Adam Lind, and Chelsea Houska will be stuck explaining to her daughter why she can’t see her daddy at times, or taking the tot to visit her father in jail. It will be interesting to see how Chelsea handles the situation and what Adam has to say for himself when the cameras begin to roll again for season 6.

What do you think about “Teen Mom 2” star Adam Lind being arrested for another driving violation? Will he ever learn his lesson?

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