Kailyn Lowry gets Isaac back after 6 weeks apart


kailyn lowry teen mom 2

Kailyn Lowry is one happy mama. The “Teen Mom 2” star finally got her son, Isaac, back after being separated for over a month.

Isaac was at his father Jo Rivera’s house for 6 weeks this summer, in which time Kail was going crazy missing him.

“After 6 long weeks of Face Timing nearly every day I finally got my baby back! Nobody ever warned me of the struggles I would face when I decided to have sex, let alone become pregnant.

Sharing time between parents cannot be easy for a child and I know first hand how hard it is on myself and my family. All I can hope now is that other young couples (& hopefully my own kids) will learn from my decisions by doing better for themselves,” the ‘Teen Mom’ wrote via Instagram.

It looks like Kailyn Lowry’s family, which includes husband Javi Marroquin and baby son Lincoln, is whole yet again, and they’re ready to enjoy the rest of the summer together.

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