Maci Bookout having serious money trouble — Owes IRS $78K!

maci bookout teen mom
Maci Bookout having money troubles (Instagram)

“Teen Mom” Maci Bookout has always been the huge favorite among fans of the MTV show, but her good girl image may be fading as it’s been reported she owes the IRS over $78,000.

“She’s in denial,” a source tells In Touch. “She needs to find a way to pay back this money. She’s gotten herself into a lot of trouble.”

Maci Bookout’s money troubles are so bad, that the IRS has even issued a lien against the “Teen Mom” to try and get the money she owes them, which is mostly from 2011.

“She’s been telling people that she’s working on paying it back, but very little progress has been made,” another source reveals.

Since ending her run on the original “Teen Mom,” Maci Bookout has worked as an independent contractor for MTV, and hosted a few “Teen Mom 2” after shows, but is reportedly currently unemployed and  living off money she makes by promoting companies on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Maci’s boyfriend Taylor is set to move from his home in Texas to her home state of Tennessee, and maybe he’ll have an income that will help the reality star out.

However, the original “Teen Mom” stars, minus Farrah Abraham, are reportedly in talks to reprise the show, so if that happens Maci Bookout will be rolling in MTV cash again.

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