Adam Lind is accused of using illegal steroids

adam lind teen mom 2

“Teen Mom 2” star Adam Lind is accused of using illegal steroids to help him bulk up and build muscle. The MTV reality star, who is the father of Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, isn’t known for being a model citizen.

Adam Lind has been arrested many, many times, and charged with crimes including 3 DUI’s, a reckless driving, which nearly killed an elderly couple earlier this year.

“Adam takes a pill form of steroids. It’s not prescribed or anything. Because Adam is taking the steroids, it’s really not that impressive at all that his body has changed,” a source revealed.

“Adam just loves the attention, so that’s why he posted the pictures on Instagram,” the pal said. “I can’t tell if he’s really cocky and thinks he looks great or if he actually feels like he needs the ego boost, but he obviously likes the attention.”

The “Teen Mom” dad’s body has changed since he first began being filmed on reality TV, but who’s to say if illegal steroids are to blame.

Adam Lind could have been working out hard to acquire his new bulkier body. Also, he’s much older now than he was during the early years of the show, and most of the cast members look a bit different as their bodies are maturing.

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