Maci Bookout explains the meanings of her many tattoos

teen mom maci bookout tattoos

“Teen Mom” Maci Bookout is explaining the meanings of her many tattoos. The MTV star revealed the reason behind her ink in a new blog post on April 8.

Maci broke down each of her tattoos and revealed their meanings, which fans have been wondering about for years.

Bookout reveals that her tattoos are small pieces of herself and represent something that’s had a big impact on her life.

The “Teen Mom” revealed that her “Bulletproof” tattoo reminds her that her struggles in life will not break her.

Maci also has a huge sheet of notebook paper inked across most of her back. On the paper reads a poem she wrote that says, “When my heart hurts worse than my head, that is when i will get scared… and that is when i will know, that it is worth it all.” She says she got it during an emotionally trying time in her life.

Maci also has her son Bentley’s name tattooed on her body, along with her last name “Bookout,” that shows the o’s replaced with 3 cupcakes symbolizing her mom, dad, and brother, Matt.

The “Teen Mom” has a pocket watch tattooed on her that reads the exact time she was born, and a pencil on her forearm to reveal her love of writing, and her “weapon of choice.”

However, there is one tattoo that Maci refuses to dish on. “Across my left shoulder I have an anatomical heart. Forgive me, but the reason behind this tattoo has stayed only with me. It’s my own little secret,” she says.

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