Kailyn Lowry’s new book will discuss shocking sexual experiences

teen mom kailyn lowry
Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” Kailyn Lowry’s new book “Pride Over Pity” will go into detail about her traumatic sexual experiences, Wet Paint reports.

Kailyn says her book will tell her “troubled, often painful” story as well as reveal some “dark” secrets she’s kept a secret until now.

Kailyn Lowry’s book promises to take readers behind the struggles of her being a “Teen Mom,” which includes stays at homeless shelters, opening up about her sexuality, and most shockingly some “traumatic sexual experiences that left her deeply scarred.”

“Teen Mom” fans will likely be stunned when they read Kailyn’s story, which touches on themes such as rape, addiction, and abandonment.

“If I ever gaze at the past, I shudder,” she writes. “I shudder to count how many times I mistakenly thought I was loved. I quiver unpleasantly to recall the person I used to be and how I acted in some of my relationships. Looking back, it’s not surprising that I turned to boys for love so early.  I needed appreciation. I needed to feel worthy. Most of all I needed support.”

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