Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers divorce in the near future

teen mom 2 jenelle evans courtland rogers

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans may be living with Nathan Griffith, and carrying his child, but she’s still married to Courtland Rogers. However, a divorce is right around the corner for the former couple, Wet Paint reports.

According to the report, North Carolina law states that a couple must be separated for one year before they can be granted a divorce.

Since Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers split last April after being arrested on heroin charges, it seems these two will be divorced in no time.

However, the days leading up to the divorce haven’t been drama free for the “Teen Mom.”

Reportedly, there’s a lot of paper work that goes with getting a divorce, and Courtland and Jenelle have had to be in contact, which Evans’ boyfriend seemingly didn’t like.

“I’m not ruining my relationship over this drama,” Jenelle tweeted, to which Courtland replied, “I don’t want u to ruin ur relationship Jenelle u told me Nathan knew. My bad why did u even start all this then.”

In addition to the divorce, Courtland is also currently wanted on allegations of jewelry theft, and it looks like he could be going back to jail in the future.

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