’16 and Pregnant’ star Ashley Salazar pregnant again

ashley salazar 16 and pregnant

16 and Pregnant” star Ashley Salazar is pregnant again. The former reality star and her boyfriend, Justin, are expecting their second child together, Radar Online reports.

Fans may remember that Ashley gave her first child, Callie, up for adoption to her aunt and uncle, and still sees her regularly.

Giving Callie up for adoption was a decision that Ashley struggled greatly with, and now seemingly regrets.

However, Ashley Salazar is very happy about this new baby. “I’m really excited about the baby, but I’m nervous about what Callie will think in the future. We really care about her we don’t want her to be mad at us about what we did when were really young, just teenagers and we didn’t know.”

The “16 and Pregnant” star will graduate in May from the University of North Texas and will earn her degree in journalism. Salazar is currently a freelance writer.

“We don’t know what we’re going to tell Callie, she’s so young, but we want to respect my aunt and uncle so that they understand how much we love everyone,” Ashley added.

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