Briana Dejesus apologizes to Chelsea Houska and her dad

briana dejesus teen mom 3

“Teen Mom 3” star Briana DeJesus apologized to “Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska and her father, Randy Houska, after an online misunderstanding this week.

Here’s how it all went down:

It all started when Katie Yeager tweeted to Briana that her phone autocorrected the name Briana to “brains.”

The tweet read: “My photo autocorrects Briana to brains….coincidence? I think not.”

The funny part about the tweet was that Katie’s phone had obviously autocorrected the word “phone” to “photo,” which Randy pointed out by tweeting “It also autocorrects phone to photo.”

Obviously, Briana took this as some sort of insult to her intelligence, and shot back at Randy. “Are you one to talk? Especially with a daughter like urs?” DeJesus tweeted to Randy Houska, slamming Chelsea Houska in the process.

Randy’s surprise drama

Randy was surprised to say the least, and couldn’t believe the misreading/understanding of a tweet could cause so much drama immediately, saying Briana showed her “true colors.”

Briana says she’s sorry

Fans began to lash out at Briana DeJesus, and a few days later she decided to apologize to both Randy and Chelsea.

“I apologize, I have nothing but respect for you guys! It was a misunderstanding,” Briana tweeted to Randy and Chelsea.

Chelsea takes the high road

“It’s all good girl, no hard feelings,” Chelsea tweeted back.

Looks like this “Teen Mom” drama/Twitter war was adverted….this time, but Briana may want to think before she tweets.