Jenelle Evans gets into Twitter war with ‘Teen Mom 3’ star!

teen mom jenelle evans

“Teen Mom 2” Jenelle Evans is feuding with “Teen Mom 3” baby daddy, Matt McCann.

According to the report, it all started with Matt called out Jenelle for not paying child support to her mother, who has custody of her son Jace.

“Can someone ask Queen Jenelle or whatever how not paying child support is a good thing?” Matt tweeted. “I’m so confused..”

Of course, Jenelle Evans isn’t one to run from controversy or drama, and she immediately fired back at Alex Sekella’s ex-boyfriend, dissing him for not seeing his daughter, Arabella.

“I haven’t showed to ANY of my visits?! Than how do I have pictures with my child?! Lolololol,” Matt tweeted to Jenelle, adding, “I still pay child support, still have a job and still have attended college more than her. I also was an addict at a younger age than her, got clean before her, and have been sober longer than her. Please come at me again. Hah,” Matt replied.

It’s a shame that Jenelle and Matt can’t get along. They actually have quite a bit in common, and could be a support system for each other, rather than a target for online feuds.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans’ Twitter war with “Teen Mom 3” dad Matt McCann?