Jenelle Evans confirms she’s pregnant again, Says she’s changed her life

jenelle evans teen mom 2 pregnant

Jenelle Evans is pregnant again. The “Teen Mom 2” star has confirmed the rumors that she is expecting baby number two on Dec. 13, MTV reports.

According to the report, the father of Jenelle’s baby is her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle Evans planned to get pregnant, and is very excited about welcoming her second child into the world.

However, Jenelle still doesn’t have custody of her first child, son Jace, who is in the legal care of his grandmother, Barbara Evans.

Evans’ boyfriend also has a child, daughter Emery, who is in the custody of his ex-wife’s parents.

“His ex-wife’s parents have guardianship [of Emery], kind of like the situation I’m in,” Jenelle explained. “He was like, ‘No one understands the situation I’m in and that I deal with,’ and I said that I could relate to him. We both have to deal with our parents to deal with our children,” she says.

“We just want a child of our own that we can raise together as a family, and we want a stable relationship for Jace and his daughter,” she said. “We just want to settle down,” Jenelle Evans said of being pregnant again.

Meanwhile, Jenelle says she’s straightened out her life. “I’ve got my life together now, and I’m a different person from what they’ve seen,” she said. “I just can’t wait for them to see how much I’ve bettered my life. I understand if they judge me now, but they won’t judge me soon.”

Jenelle’s pregnant will reportedly be touched on during season 5 of “Teen Mom 2,” which will air on MTV in January.

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