Amber Portwood planning to go to college, open own rehab program

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Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” Amber Portwood is fresh out of prison, but she’s already got big plans, Wet Paint reports.

According to the report, Amber wants to go to college, and eventually open her own drug rehab program.
The “Teen Mom” has dealt with drug addiction in the past, and was sent to prison after failing to complete her own court ordered rehab program.

While in prison, Amber Portwood earned her GED, and also learning to deal with her anger, stress, and addiction issues.

The “Teen Mom” now believes she can really help others with the same set of problems.
“Amber is rebuilding her life now,” brother Shawn Portwood revealed, also adding that she never wants to leave daughter Leah again.

“Their first night together, they spent all night talking, doing each other’s hair and makeup and watching movies. Leah fell asleep in the middle of a sentence!” Shawn says. “Amber wanted to show her that she was there when Leah woke up.”

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Amber Portwood wanting to go to college and start a drug rehab program?