Mackenzie Douthit opens up about rough times with husband Josh McKee

teen mom 3 mackenzie douthit mckee

“Teen Mom 3” star Mackenzie Douthit is loving her life right now. She’s married to best friend, Josh McKee, is the mother of a beautiful little boy, Gannon, and has another child on the way, but things were always so smooth for Mackenzie, she revealed on Twitter.

As fans know she and Josh went through an extremely rocky patch where they were barely seeing each other, or talking. When a fan told Douthit that she wanted a “perfect” relationship like her and Josh’s, the “Teen Mom” star replied, that while their relationship is perfect now, it took a lot of work to get it there.

“We went through a lot to get here,” Mackenzie Douthit revealed. It seems fans will continue getting to see Mackenzie and Josh’s relationship struggles, and how they got their love back on track during the remaining episodes of Teen Mom 3 season one, and in the next season.

Fans are glad that is all worked out for Mackenzie, as statics show that most teen couples who have children don’t end up together. However, Douthit was determined to make it work with McKee, and her fight for love has been interesting to watch on the reality series.