Maci Bookout broke up Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell

teen mom maci bookout ryan edwards
Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” fan favorite Maci Bookout is responsible for breaking up her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards and his former girlfriend Dalis Connell, according to the latest edition of In Touch Magazine.

Dalis reveals what really happened between her and Ryan, and the answer is Maci! “Ryan told me that he had sex with Maci. After that they continued to hook up for two months,” Dalis revealed of the “Teen Mom” couple.

Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards have always had a connection, and there is major sexual tension whenever the two are alone together. This leads many fans, and Dalis Connell to believe that they should get back together.

“After all this time, I think they should just go for it,” she says. “If I would want to see Ryan with anyone, it would be Maci. She has a good head on her shoulders. If Ryan and Maci got back together, I think it would work out,” Connell revealed.

However, there is something standing in the way of Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards getting back together. Both Bookout and Edwards are in relationships.

Maci has been dating Taylor McKinney for over a year, while Ryan recently entered into a new relationship with girlfriend, Shelby Woods.