Jenelle Evans: Dash Cam Video From Nathan Griffith’s Arrest Revealed!

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Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan Griffith was arrested for DUI after a car chase last week. Now, the newly released dashboard cam reveals that the couple were trying to rush home to have sex after a wild night of partying, Radar Online reports.

According to the report, Jenelle is heard on the video talking to a police officer, and telling him that she and Nathan were in a hurry to get home and have sex the night he was busted for DUI.

However, the couple both seemed intoxicated, and Nathan Griffith was arrested for during under the influence of alcohol. Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend later puked in the back of the cop car.

The “Teen Mom 2” star bailed her boyfriend out of jail, which is a place she’s all too used to.
Despite being arrested multiple times, mainly on drug charges, Jenelle spent 48 hours behind bars less than a month ago for failing a court ordered drug test.

While Jenelle claims that she and Nathan only had two drinks and two shots during their night out, she did say that there was definitely no drugs involved in the situation.

This marks Nathan Griffith’s second DUI arrest, and he’ll likely lose his driving privledges.