Amber Portwood to be released from prison in November!

teen mom amber portwood
Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” Amber Portwood is currently serving a five year prison sentence. However, the former MTV star is set to be released from jail in November, The Ashley reports.

According to the report, Portwood is doing extremely well behind bars, as she’s working to get her GED, and also helping other inmates with anger issues.

The “Teen Mom” star was arrested in 2012 for illegal prescription medication. Amber Portwood went to rehab, which was documented on the hit MTV show, but she just couldn’t seem to get her head straight.

So, instead of completing more court ordered rehab, she opted to turn herself in and take her prison sentence.
“Possibility of a media uproar so I just want to be the first to say before it is heard in the tabloids that Amber will be released soon. She has done everything required to be released long before the five year sentence. Congratulations sis, and I know that you will do everything we talked about. You now have control of your future and from what I know it looks bright,” Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood said when the news broke.

Amber is reportedly set to be released from prison on Nov. 6. However, sometimes the system can delay these things. However, it seems in any case that the “Teen Mom” will be back home with her daughter Leah, who is currently in the custody of her father, Gary Shirley, soon.