‘Teen Mom 3’ star Katie Yeager involved in nude photo scandal

teen mom 3 katie yeager
Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom 3” star Katie Yeager is involved in a nude photo scandal, which hit the web one day after the spin-off series debuted on MTV, according to Radar Online.

According to the report, one of Katie’s ex-boyfriends claims the “Teen Mom” sent him the racy pictures.

“The photos were sexted to me. She loved to send messages, all the time,” the owner of the images revealed while trying to sell them.

These pictures are a blow to the “Teen Mom 3” franchise, as Katie Yeager was pegged as the poster child for the series, and recently stated that she wanted to change the face of the MTV series.

“When I started researching [Teen Mom] I said, ‘wow! It really is making a difference,’” Yeager said in a recent interview.

“It’s controversial, but it’s definitely helping young girls to see the consequences of having unprotected sex and having sex too early, and I felt like I want to help,” Katie added.

While these nude photos are likely very embarrassing for the “Teen Mom 3” star, Katie Yeager says she knows there will always be negative people in her life.

“There’s always going to be negative people out there, even if you’re not on a TV show. I’ve accepted that. There are people who don’t agree with my life, the way my life is, or just don’t like me for whatever reason. I have enough support on my end in the people that are around me and in my life. That’s the only thing that matters to me,” Yeager revealed.

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