Did Ryan Edwards cheat on Dalis Connell while she was saying goodbye to her dying mother?

teen mom ryan edwards dalis connell
Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” fans learned a few things while watching “Being Maci” last week, which was an hour long special updating fans on fan favorite “Teen Mom,” Maci Bookout.

One of things that was highlighted in the special was Ryan Edwards’ relationship with Dalis Connell. Ryan was seen being less than happy to talk to Dalis on the phone while she was out of town visiting her dying mother in California, and flirting up a storm with baby mama, Maci Bookout.

After the show aired, Dalis took to Twitter to tell fans that Ryan had cheated on her while she was away in California going through the hardest time of her life.

“[He] cheated on me when I went out of town to say bye to my dying mom.. But MTV would fail to show that part,” Dalis Connell wrote.

Of course, Ryan had to defend himself against Dalis’ claims, right? “I didn’t cheat on her. I just broke up with her,” Edwards tweeted.

Okay, no matter what really happened, Ryan Edwards does not come off looking good in this situation, whether he cheated on her, or broke up with her while she was saying goodbye to her dying mother, Ryan seems like the bad guy in the situation.