’16 and Pregnant’ star Nikkole Paulun reveals tragic miscarriage details

nikkole paulun 16 and pregnant miscarriage
Photo Credit: Instagram

“16 and Pregnant” star Nikkole Paulun was excitedly awaiting the birth of her second son, when something went terribly wrong, she revealed in an Aug. 27 interview.

Nikkole reveals that she had a miscarriage just one month before she was set to deliver her second child, whom she named Ashton.

“Everything was going okay and last month, my doctor told me that if everything was okay, I could deliver on Aug. 25, which was a week before my due date, but then on July 27, I felt really weird all day and I kept telling my mom something didn’t feel right,” the “16 and Pregnant” star said.

Nikkole Paulun went to the doctor to ease her mind, when she learned that her unborn son didn’t have a heartbeat.

“They just told me, ‘We’re sorry. He doesn’t have a heartbeat. We’re going to have to deliver to prevent infections and everything,’” Paulun recalls.

A “shocked” Nikkole was forced to deliver her stillborn son, whom she says the doctors tested to be sure drug use didn’t play apart in the death. “The drug tests came back negative,” she stated.

Nikkole Paulun was then forced to tell her 3-year-old son, Lyle, that his baby brother had “gone to Heaven.”

Nikkole opted not to have a funeral for her late son, Ashton, and instead had him cremated and had his ashes sewn inside a teddy bear that Nikkole Paulun had bought for her son. “When I pray, I’ll hold the teddy bear,” said the “16 and Pregnant” star.