Chelsea Houska Reveals Her Feelings On Adam Lind Expecting Another Baby

teen mom chelsea houska adam lind
Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska has always wanted to make her relationship work with baby daddy, Adam Lind. However, when Adam told Chelsea he was expecting another child with current girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, that dream died, In Touch Magazine reports.

According to the report, Chelsea is opening up about her feelings on Adam having yet another baby. “Things have changed so much. I don’t even try to have a relationship anymore for (Adam and I) to be together. My only focus is for Aubree and what’s best for her. I have learned that us together is not what’s best for her,” Houska said.

Chelsea Houska says she was “shocked” when Adam Lind told her he was having another child. “He told me right away when he found out and I was just so upset for Aubree. I’m worried. What if that child gets more attention from him? I don’t want her to feel left out or anything like that,” the “Teen Mom” said.

While the MTV star says she hasn’t told Aubree about her upcoming baby sister, she is happy for Adam and Taylor.  I’m happy for them. I just feel that he’s in a bad place right now and it’s probably not a good situation to bring a child into – especially since he has one,” she says.

Houska says that she hopes that Adam will learn from being in jail, where he is currently residing for multiple DUI arrests, and that he will step up as a father, and that Aubree will have a relationship with her new sibling. “She loves babies,” Chelsea admits.