‘Teen Mom 2’ Close to Cancellation?

teen mom 2
Photo Credit: MTV

Will “Teen Mom 2” be the next MTV show to get cancelled? Although no official word has been given by the network, one of the show’s stars, Kailyn Lowry, says the series hasn’t been picked up for a 5th season.

All heck broke loose when the cancellation of “Buckwild” was announced on Wednesday. The cast were outraged by the show getting the axe, and decided to slam MTV for keeping “Teen Mom” on the air.

“I’m sad that Buckwild was cancelled but no reason to slam other shows on the Network. It’s not our fault,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted. “We didn’t even get a go for another season so it’s not like we’re one up on them,” Kail added.

It looks like this could be the end for “Teen Mom 2.” However, fans are a bit confused. When the original series ended viewers were warned well in advance that the show as being taken off the air, but this cancellation would come out of nowhere, especially since the stars have so much going on in their lives right now.

Kailyn is newly married with a baby on the way, Leah Messer recently gave birth to her third daughter, Jenelle Evans is newly married, and fans are still rooting for Chelsea Houska to get through beauty school, and finally move past her relationship with Adam Lind, who is expecting another child with girlfriend, Taylor Halbur.

There are so many more story lines to explore with the “Teen Mom 2” girls, fans will be devastated if the show gets canceled without warning.