Ryan Tells Maci She’s ‘So Sexy’ — Will They Get Back Together?

teen mom maci bookout ryan edwards
Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” Maci Bookout and her baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, haven’t been together in years. However, many fans think the couple still have a spark, which Ryan revealed with a flirty tweet.

Maci tweeted a gorgeous photo of herself, and Ryan wasted no time telling Bookout exactly what he thought of it. “Why you so damn sexy?” Edwards commented on the picture.

“Teen Mom” fans were surprised by Ryan Edwards tweet to Maci Bookout, and were even more shocked when he added the hashtag, “Love redhead in da bed.”

Ryan, who is newly single after splitting with fling, Kristin Cooper, knows that Maci has been dating boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, for months, but still decided to speak his mind.

Could this be Ryan Edwards way of telling Maci Bookout he wants to get back together?

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