Leah’s Husband Jeremy Laid Off From High Paying Job

teen mom 2 leah messer jeremy calvert“Teen Mom” Leah Messer’s husband, Jeremy Calvert, is back to work after being laid off from his high paying job as a pipeline engineer.

Jeremy was given the temporary boot from his job, which Leah recently dished made the family around $16,000 a month.

The lay off couldn’t have come at a worse time for the “Teen Mom” and her family, as Leah Messer gave birth to her third daughter, Addalynn on Feb. 4.

However, the good news is that Jeremy Calvert is already back to work. “Love my family with everything. I hope your first day back to work after being laid off goes well!” Leah tweeted to her husband, who may have been laid off due to the weather.

Meanwhile, Leah is getting ready to celebrate her 21st birthday by taking her daughters to the circus for a fun filled night. So it seems that all is well in the Calvert house again.

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