Jenelle Evans Reveals Her True Addiction

teen mom 2 jenelle evans
Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans recently spoke out about her addiction, and told fans that drugs are her current problem, but that she’s addicted to relationships.

“Teen Mom” fans know that Jenelle Evans tends to jump from relationship to relationship, and has three men in particular that she keeps going back to, longtime love Kieffer Delp, ex-fiance, Gary Head, and current husband, Courtland Rogers.

While Jenelle claims she’s not dating anyone right now, she did say that she’s trying to get her life together.

“[I] Didn’t complete 30 days of rehab because for one I didn’t go to there detoxing off of anything and went there sober. Second I went to a Florida rehab but transferred because it was a nightmare, long story. Once transferring the new facility was very nice and nothing wrong with the staff or patients there. I simply feel as if I didn’t need to go to treatment if my problem isn’t drugs anymore, and never will be again,” Jenelle wrote on Sulia.

Jenelle Evans claims she has her son’s best interest in mind, and will be receiving help outside of rehab. “I need individual counseling and therapy if anything for being addicted to relationships,” she explained. “I can honestly admit this about myself and can’t seem to help it unless I continue to get the help I need through therapy,” the “Teen Mom” added.