Farrah Abraham Calls Into TMZ, Tries to Explain DUI Arrest

teen mom farrah abraham
Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham called in to TMZ on Wednesday, and attempted to explain her recent DUI arrest.

According to the report, Farrah tried to talk her way around being arrested for drinking and driving, but the TMZ gang didn’t let her off the hook.

When a TMZ employee called the “Teen Mom” out for drinking she replied,

“I was drinking throughout the night but I was just getting drinks from friends and I was not really trying to drink. It was St. Patrick’s Day night. I was with my sister, waiting on my sister to let me know when she wanted to leave. Unfortunately, my sister never had told me when she was ready to leave and when she was ready to leave she was trying to leave me, and I think that was what caused me to try to understand what can I do in this situation,” Farrah Abraham revealed.

“Even though I was put in a bad situation, and rushing, and at the time when I was approached by a police officer, I was not even driving at the time. I was only in my car turning the corner and parking my vehicle and that’s when I was approached and I told the officer exactly what I was doing so I was not being negligent and I was not trying to be a criminal,” Farrah added.

After hearing Abraham’s explanation, many fans believe that Farrah is not taking full responsibility for her actions, and trying to play the incident off as no big deal.