Why Did Jenelle and Courtland Really Get Married?!

teen mom jenelle evans and husband courtland rogers
Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” fans never understood why Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers rushed into getting married after only dating for two months. However, according to a report by Hollywood Life, the real reason has come out.

An insider claims that Jenelle and Courtland’s marriage was doomed from the start, because Rogers was only in the relationship for the fame, and Evans’ allegedly wanted his money.

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers wed in early December, and by February had announced their pregnancy, miscarriage, and impending divorce.

“He is older than her and known as a rich kid. So she saw him as a meal ticket and he saw her as a way to get 15 minutes of fame,” the source revealed.

Although Jenelle Evans is on “Teen Mom,” she’s never seemed to have a lot of her television money for long. Fans often wonder where it all goes, and if her son, Jace, gets any. According to Jenelle, Jace has a trust fund set up with money in it from the show, and will have access to it when he’s older.

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