‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham: ‘Moms like to party too’

teen mom farrah abraham
Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham recently took to her Sulia account to dish on the topic of moms taking heat for their decision to go out and party.

“Moms should not have to deal with all the scrutiny when it comes to going out. I, of course, have heard my overshare from public patrons who either are not parents themselves or just haters who want to ruin someone else’s night out (sad but true)” Farrah wrote.

The “Teen Mom” has taken a lot of heat over the years for her love of the night life. When Farrah Abraham first began filming the MTV reality show, her storyline centered mainly around her arguments with her mother over wanting to go out, party, and date, instead of staying home with daughter, Sophia.

“I feel if anyone needs to go out and have a good time it is a person who has a lot of stress in their lives,” she added. “But also making sure we’re responsible and our responsibilities in our personal lives are taken care of first is the best way to then go out and enjoy a stress free environment. If you have childcare, chores, bills, and much more to add to the list covered and in place then (IGNORE) all the hate when you’re out,” Abraham said.

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