Farrah Abraham has Valentine’s Day Date, Drunk Tweets

teen mom farrah abraham
Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham had a hot date for Valentine’s Day, according to Wet Paint. However, the night ended with the MTV star drunk tweeting to her fans.

According to the report, Farrah revealed that she had met a handsome man online, which is most likely who she was with on Valentine’s Day. “I feel spoiled,” she tweeted during the night.

However, it seems that the “Teen Mom” may have had a little too much to drink on her big date, because the tweets that followed made absolutely no sense, even for Farrah Abraham.

“Say still my drink,” and later added, “#winsow Doqn. Ya I’m country.” Fans were immediately taken back by Abraham’s confusing tweets, and have chalked it up to the fact that Farrah was having a good time, and got a little tipsy during her date.

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