‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend Adam Lind to be a dad again

teen mom chelsea houska adam lind

“Teen Mom” Chelsea Houska’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, is going to be a dad again. Adam’s former girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, is expecting his child.

However, this might be a bad time for Adam to be expecting another child. According to Teen Mom Talk, Lind has had three DUI’s in a six month period, and could be facing jail time.

Meanwhile, “Teen Mom” Chelsea Houska is likely not happy about this news, as she’s spoken out about Adam Lind’s lack of parental involvement.

“Teen Mom” fans have seen Chelsea struggle to move on from her relationship with Adam, and take him back multiple times after he treated her unkindly. However, Houska and Lind have been apart for more than a year, and it looks like Taylor Halbur’s pregnancy will likely ensure that they’ll never get back together.

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