‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 3 Reunion Shockers — Kailyn and Jo

teen mom 2 kailyn lowry jo rivera
Photo Credit: Twitter

While Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera had the most drama free interview on the reunion show, there did seem to be a few heated moments. Kail and Jo were calm, cool, and collected during their segment, and it all went well. Besides the fact that they disagree of Jo’s new girlfriend, Vee, whom Kailyn refuses to meet, and thinks is immature (aka trashy) for posting things about drinking and sex online.

Both Kailyn and Jo admitted that they still think there could have been a future for them, but it wasn’t the right time. (Since Kail is married to Javi now, it looks like that’s not going to happen.)

However, at the end of the reunion, Kailyn revealed that she was “p***ed off” about something that happened back stage. Later, Lowry told her fans on Twitter to wait until the next reunion. (Ohhh, sounds like some drama went down!)

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