‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 3 Reunion Shockers — Jenelle Evans

teen mom 2 jenelle evans
Photo Credit: MTV

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion was very different for Jenelle Evans this time around. Not only (at that point in time) was Jenelle getting along with her mom, Barbara, but she was also clean and sober for 2 months. (We all know how that turned out.)

Jenelle and Babs didn’t fight one time, or raise their voices at each other. However, they did team up against Jenelle’s ex-boyfriend, Andrew, who’s never been in his son Jace’s life, or really on any of the ‘Teen Mom’ episodes until this season when he took a DNA test to prove he was Jace’s dad.

Andrew talked a big game, saying that he wants to be in Jace’s life, and that Jenelle pushes him away. He also vowed to do better, pay child support, and visit with Jace. (Well, he hasn’t!)

The shocking part wasn’t that Andrew was there, and acting really awkward on stage. (He called Kieffer, “Coofer”) but that Jenelle’s progress seemed to be real, and impressive. Another big shocker was when Jenelle revealed that Andrew was an alcoholic who used to abuse her when he was drunk.

Jenelle stated that she had a new boyfriend, Gary, (Gary Head whom she later got engaged to, but split with after alleged physical altercations) and that she was on the right path.

However, we now know that Jenelle’s life took a dramatic turn once she and Gary split. Evans’ got back together with Kieffer Delp, and ALLEGEDLY got hooked on heroin. She later married Courtland Rogers after only 2 months of dating. After less than two months of marriage Jenelle had gotten pregnant, had a miscarriage, and split with Courtland. (It goes on, and on, and on…)

It looks like Jenelle’s decline will be shown on the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but how much of her drug use will be played out on TV? Only time will tell.

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