‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 3 Reunion Shockers — Leah, Corey, and Jeremy

teen mom 2 leah messer
Photo Credit: MTV

No matter what shocking moments the other girls supplied during the season 3 reunion, Leah Messer, takes home the award for most dramatic segment.

At the point that the reunion was filmed, Leah had just miscarried Jeremy’s baby, and was unsure about her relationship with baby daddy, Corey.

Leah told Dr. Drew that she loved Jeremy, but knew that she could have made it work with Corey. Corey revealed the same thing. The couple lightly flirted during the interview, and then revealed that they’d been talking about getting back together, but couldn’t come to a decision, all the while, Leah was engaged to Jeremy!

Leah broke into tears when Dr. Drew told her that she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant, and that she was chasing a fantasy of a family.

Messer later revealed as she sat between Corey and Jeremy that if Corey wanted to work things out, she would leave Jeremy and go back to him.

It was a very tense, and emotional, reunion for Leah. We now know that Leah and Corey did not get back together, and that she married Jeremy, got pregnant again, and recently gave birth to his daughter.

Meanwhile, Corey met his current girlfriend, Miranda Patterson, just two months later, and the couple are now engaged. Leah says she’s in a much “better place” now than when she filmed the reunion.

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