Chelsea Dishes on Current Situation With Adam

teen mom 2 chelsea houska daughter aubree
Photo Credit: Twitter

Chelsea dished on her relationship with Adam, Adam’s relationship with Aubree, and those rumors that Adam is having another baby with former girlfriend, Taylor Halbur.

When OK! Magazine asked Ms. Houska how her current relationship with Adam was, Chelsea revealed, “We’re not together, and we haven’t been together for quite a while. He sees Aubree every once in a while and that’s about it.”

So, does Chelsea ever worry that Aubree will remember her being upset with Adam a lot? “I do worry about it, but I feel like a lot of people…I try to put myself away from her if I’m upset, you know what I mean? Like, I’ll leave the room. But that’s not always entirely possible. But I mean, every mom has gotten emotional in front of their kids before. I try not to but when she gets older, I’ll explain to her everything that went on and I think she’ll be pretty understanding,” Chelsea said.

And what does Chelsea have to say about the reports that Adam has gotten his ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur pregnant? I’d rather not talk about Adam’s personal life,” she said. (That’s probably a good idea!)

There you have it, the latest update on the Chelsea/Adam situation. Hopefully, these two can continue to co-parent, and put Aubree first.

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