Maci Introduces Her New Boyfriend To Ryan!

teen mom maci bookout dating boyfriend taylor mckinney
Photo Credit: Instagram

“Teen Mom” Maci Bookout and her new boyfriend, Taylor McKinney are getting serious. Maci recently introduced her new man to baby daddy, Ryan Edwards.

Taylor, who lives in Dallas, made the trip to Tennessee to visit Maci, and while out and about in Nashville, McKinney met Edwards.

Ryan more than likely wanted to meet Taylor, because Maci has already let their son, Bentley, spend a lot of time with Taylor, and the two seem to have hit it off.

While Maci and Ryan seem to be getting along well, Bookout isn’t getting along with one of her other ex-boyfriends, Kyle King. The former couple recently went at it on Twitter, when the “Teen Mom” got upset about King posting photos of her son online. Kyle later called Maci a “fake a** super mom.” YIKES! The drama never ends!

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