Maci Bookout and Kyle King – Twitter Feud!

teen mom maci bookout and kyle king with son bentley edwards
Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Maci Bookout and her ex-boyfriend, Kyle King, spent the weekend engaged in a Twitter feud.

It all started when Kyle began to post photos of Bentley online. Fans reached out to Maci asking her why he would be doing that, and Maci replied that she wondered the same thing herself.

Kyle then took it to the next level when he tweeted “Fake a** super mom,” which seemed to be about Bookout. King later retweeted a fan who wrote that Maci was a diva.

Maci’s fans and friends immediately began to defend her, but it looks like there is definitely bad blood between Maci and Kyle. Bookout has moved on from her relationship to King, and is now dating Texas motocross racer, Taylor McKinney.

For now, it doesn’t seem a Maci/Kyle reconciliation will be coming anytime soon.

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