Jenelle Evans in Florida Rehab? — Gary Head Speaks Out!

teen mom 2 jenelle evans
Photo Credit: MTV

Is “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans in a Florida rehab? The MTV star is allegedly in some sort of treatment facility.

According to the report, rumors are running wild that Jenelle was sent to a rehab facility in Florida. However, Evans’ on again, off again, boyfriend, Gary Head, says that’s not true.

Gary claims that MTV requested Jenelle head to Florida and enter a non-rehab treatment facility, because they were worried she would have a drug relapse from all the stress of watching this season of “Teen Mom 2.”

Head says that MTV wanted Jenelle Evans to have emotional support and be away from fans’ negative comments during this season, which shows the “Teen Mom” getting into some serious trouble, and doing hard drugs.

However, many fans think that Gary Head is trying to do damage control for Jenelle, who has been a wreck for the past few months.

After marrying Courtland Rogers in early December, Jenelle got pregnant, had a miscarriage, ended her relationship with Rogers, and went back to Gary Head. All this was happening while rumors persisted that Evans’ was into drugs such as heroin.

It seems Jenelle Evans is getting some sort of help in Florida, but the details are not exactly clear as of yet.

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